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What is a Personalised Calendar?

A personalised calendar takes the traditional 12 month desktop calendar to higher impact levels by adding personalised images, personalised dates and personalised messages. This means that each calendar is completely unique for each recipient, making them feel special.

You have chosen the style from the website, what further do you need to supply?

A Client Database
» Supply us with a database containing your recipients details: Name, Surname, Birthday, Gender and 8 special dates (if applicable). Click here to download a Sample Spreadsheet.

Add Your Personal Touch
» Supply us your Company’s high resolution logo (as jpeg or pdf), and your Company strapline/slogan
» Select the images you would like to use in your calendars. Please click here to download the Free Library. You can select different images for the female and male versions, as well as a special image for male and female birthday months.There is also a image library for images available to purchase under optional extras.

Optional Extra’s
» Select photos you want to use from our images available for purchase library. Click here to download*
» Upload personal photos you may want to use in place of our range *
» Send a sms or Email campaign to obtain client data like birthdays and special dates *

* This is an additional feature that will be charged on top of the pricing overleaf. Please call us to discuss this option and costs.